Welcome to Michael's World!

Welcome! As I mentioned in a post that you can read here, this site name comes from an interaction I had with a popular radio show around the 2004 time frame. At the time, it wasn't quite as common to easily buy a domain, create content, and publish it. It was funnier then than it is now. Nevertheless, I have the domain and haven't done anything with in it the time I have had it. Except prove to everyone that I am self centered.

Regardless of why I have the domain, and what it has been used (or not used) for in the past, I have decided that now is a good time to start up a blog on this domain. Hence the update to the page. I know all of my fans that have this as their homepage will be excited and disappointed to see the change to the page. But don't worry, the only thing I am changing today is the text on the page. I don't have the skill to do anything truly inspiring with the image, so text is all you get. Turns out that I did figure out how to change the image and background. Maybe this is better?

To visit the blog, just click here!